Join Me on Instagram for No Spend January!

Join me @missyrakes on Instagram for No Spend January! #nospendhoneybee

Join me @missyrakes on Instagram for No Spend January! #nospendhoneybee

  Our family is doing a no spend month in January so I thought I would extend the invitation in case anyone else wanted to join us on Instagram. Follow me @missyrakes for updates and use the hashtag #nospendhoneybee to share your own no spend month challenge story.


  You can set your own guidelines for this challenge, but mine are as follows:

(Keep in mind that I am starting the month with a full pantry and freezer.)


1.) Allowed to spend money on gas and $30/week on groceries.

2.) Allowed to spend gift cards.

3.) Allowed to buy clearance clothes for my kids for next winter.


THAT’S IT! Otherwise, I can’t spend a dime for the whole month of January. Do you want to join me?? I’ll be stocking up on a few essentials before the challenge starts (like toilet paper and shampoo), but I’m trying not to go overboard because the point of this challenge is to make the best use of what I already have on hand.


  If you would like to join the challenge or just follow along be sure to follow me @missyrakes on Instagram or you can follow along on my Facebook page.


Happy No Spend January!

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  1. I would love to join and watch you do this but I don't have Instagram or facebook so how can I do this with you and keep in touch?

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