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  I would love for you to head on over to SarahTitus.com and check out my latest contributor post about having a beautiful wedding on a budget. Don’t forget to comment and let Sarah know that you stopped in from my site!


  Here’s an excerpt:


  I’m no wedding expert, but with the help of my fantastically frugal mom we were able to pull off a beautiful wedding for less than $3,500 including the bridesmaid dresses and cowboy boots (Yes, everyone wore boots. We did after all, get married in a barn) and you can too! Here’s how…


Set a Budget

The best way to keep more money in your pocket when planning a wedding is to sit down with everyone involved and set a budget. It needs to be realistic, depending on how many people will be invited, which venue you want, etc.


  Make a list of each item that you plan to spend money on and give them a separate dollar amount. Your list should include things like venue, food, dress, cake, photographer, flowers, music, decorations, misc., etc. Take this list with you so that you know how much can be spent in each category.




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