How to Organize a Freezer Meal Swap in 5 Easy Steps

How to Organize a Freezer Meal Swap in 5 Easy Steps on

Organizing a freezer meal swap is easy and fun! Plus, it's awesome having a freezer full of meals that you didn't even have to make yourself!

A few months before I had Kennedy, I decided that I needed to fill my freezer with lots of delicious homemade meals. (You know how pregnant woman can be.) However as you may know, bulk cooking and the third trimester don’t always mix. So I decided to see if any of my friends would be interested in doing a freezer meal swap and our little group was born!


Let me just tell you that being part of a freezer meal swap group has been awesome. There’s nothing quite like having a freezer full of homemade meals that you didn’t even have to cook yourself! Plus, it’s a great opportunity to try new recipes and foods on a regular basis.


What is a freezer meal swap you ask? Well basically everyone makes one meal times however many people are participating. Then everyone meets and swaps meals. Awesome, right? Read on to learn how to organize your own freezer meal swap in 5 easy steps!


1. Contact Friends & Family 

 I would recommend keeping the group to 4-6 people.

Anymore than that and it could get stressful.


2. Ask about food aversions or allergies

Once you have a list of who will be participating send out a survey asking about food preferences, food aversion, allergies, etc.


3. Discuss Details

Will you be cooking whole foods only? Will you have a theme each month? Will you want recipe cards for each meal? Do you want feedback on the recipes after the swap? When and where will you meet? How many people should each meal serve?


4. Pick Recipe & Get Cookin’

Once you get all the details figured out then hit Pinterest and find an amazing recipe to make! You can check out my post 12 Easy Freezer Meals in 2 hours for $50 for inspiration.


5. Meet, Swap, Repeat 

Hopefully, everyone will have an awesome experience and want to swap again next month!


Voila you just pulled off your first freezer meal swap! How easy was that? Do you have any other tips for organizing a freezer meal swap?


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  1. Thanks for sharing! My friends and I get together once a month at a local grocery store to prep a bunch of meals as a group, but sometimes it's hard to find a good time to meet for three hours in the evening. A swap sounds like a great alternative!!
  2. I think it would be a good idea to set a guide price range per meal. That way someone won't feel awkward offering up a frugal meal when another organises an expensive one.

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