thredUP Goody Box Review (Like Stitch Fix on a Budget!)

Have you heard of the thredUP Goody Box? It's like Stitch Fix on a budget. Check out my honest review on

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  Have you heard of thredUP? They are an online consignment website where you can send in your gently used clothing in exchange for cash or credit. Well, did you know that they now offer Goody Boxes, which is basically just like Stitch Fix, but way better in my opinion?? I recently tried this service out for myself and now I’m going to give you my honest review.


Things you need to know about thredUP Goody Boxes:


1. This is not a subscription service, so you can order a box as little or as frequently as you would like.

2. You will receive 12-15 gently used items per box.

3. They have different themes to choose from such as, Night Out, Office or Essentials.

4. You can give feedback and let your stylist know your favorite colors, patterns or pieces that you may need.

5. There is a $20 styling deposit for each box which goes towards anything that you keep.

6. You have 7 business days to decide what you want to keep. Whatever you decide to return goes back into the original box with the free shipping label that was included.


  So, is the Goody-Box worth trying? I would have to say yes, yes and yes. I tried Stitch Fix a couple of months back and while it was fun, the prices were simply way out of my budget and I didn’t love any of it. The Goody-Box however was a totally different experience.


  First of all, nothing in my box was priced over $24.99 and I got nice brands like The Limited, Banana Republic, Bebe, Anne Taylor, etc. I believe you can pick your budget and even choose high-end labels if that is what you would prefer, but what I received was just right for me. Also, several of the items were new with tags. Pretty sweet, huh?


  Also, the stylist definitely listened to my feedback. Everything in my box was a color or pattern that I would wear. I chose the Night Out Box so they sent me nice jeans, dressy blouses and dresses. I was definitely pleased with my experience and I know I will do this again in the future because it’s just so FUN!


  As it stands right now, I have one dress that I know I’m going to keep and a couple of other items that I am still on the fence about. I love that I have a whole entire week to decide so that I can think through my purchase without having to rush anything. (In case you were wondering, the dress that I’m keeping is the one in the top center in the above photo.)


  So if you want to try this service for yourself, simply click this link and then click “Goody Box” at the top left of the website. Also any new customer that creates a thredUP account using my link will get a $10 credit, but I don’t know if it can be used towards a Goody Box yet. Happy shopping and let me know if you order a box!


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  1. I've dealt with thredUP in the past. Yes it is a consignment shop. However, it is not a great company. I once sent them a $400 leather coat with price tag still attached and they only gave me $20 for it and then they sold it for over $200. If you send them any clothing to sell, they may give you very little money for it. Then turn around and they will have it on their website for over triple what they paid you for it. I know this is what consignment and stuff is but come on. If you don't tell them you want that item back if it doesn't sale or they don't buy it from you, they will donate it on your behalf which is good. Though, they have been caught at taking items for themselves and then telling the client it's not in season or not what they will put up for sale.
    1. That's terrible! I've never tried selling to them because I figured that it wouldn't be worth it, however I've been happy with all of my purchases from them. It's a great way to thrift without having to go out, except they are more than thrift prices.

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