How to Get Books for Cheap or Free

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Learn five different ways that you can score books for cheap or free on

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  Every reader knows that buying brand spanking new books all of the time is an expensive habit. I love to read, but very rarely pay full price for a book. How do I do it? Keep reading to see How to Get Books for Cheap or Free.


Public Library
The public library is an amazing resource for reading books for free. They often have a huge selection of old and new books. At some libraries you can even request that they order a specific book for you to borrow. Most libraries also give you access to a selection of eBooks that you can read on your tablet for free. Sweet!


Host a Book Swap

If you have a circle of friends who likes to read then you may want to consider hosting a book swap. This is basically where everyone brings books that they don’t want anymore and gets to swap them for brand new (to them) books! This would be a wonderful idea for kids books as well.


Review Books on Your Website

If you have a website, then you may want to consider signing up for a program such as Blogging for Books (this service is no longer active). Basically, you pick a book that you want to read and they will send it to you for free in exchange for a written review on your site! I used to do this and found it to be a great way to receive brand new books at no cost to me.


Search for Free Books on Amazon

If you go to Amazon and search for “Free Kindle Books” then you will see which e-books are priced at zero that you can download and read instantly. If you don’t have a tablet then you can download this app to read kindle books on your computer. Also, several deal bloggers such as Money Saving Mom and Little House Living often post a daily list of free ebooks if you want to check them out.


Shop Garage Sales and Thrift Stores

  An amazing resource for cheap books is to check out garage sales and thrift stores. I regularly find good quality books for myself and my kids at thrift stores and at my local used bookstore. It’s exciting because you never know what you will find!



My final tip is one that I am really excited to share. I just discovered a website called ThriftBooks that has a HUGE selection of used books for incredibly cheap prices. Most of the books that I found were priced between $3-$5. Seriously, if you love to read then you will definitely want to check out this website. Also, you get FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $10 AND for every $50 you spend they will send you a $5 off coupon!!! Can you tell I’m excited?? I already placed my first order and I also created a wish list on their site that is full of books that I plan on purchasing at a later date. Click the banner below to start browsing and let me know what you think!


What’s your favorite way to save on books? I’d love to know!


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  1. Great tips! I love to read, but your right it can be a very expensive habit. I swap a lot of books with the ladies in my book club, so I save some there. I did use paperback swap for a while, but since they changed things up I haven't used them so much. I will have to try thrift books next time I need a book club book. Thanks!
  2. Great tips! Thanks for sharing! I get a lot of books at the Goodwill. Once a year two local churches hold huge yard sales and have tons of books for a quarter. Those are great ways to stock up since I love to read. Plus I have 3 kids so this is a great way to save!
  3. A good place for cheap books is Dollar Tree. They have brand new books for a dollar each! Once in a while they will have a well known author and sometimes an author you've never heard of. However, I have enjoyed a lot of books and discovered authors I fell in love with. Another place is Goodwill. You can get some good used books and once in a while new books. They are usually in pretty good condition.
  4. Many senior apartment buildings and senior centers have a library. I'll bet that, if you bring some books to swap, that management would allow you to swap out the books. I know that my building of 50 apartments has more books than we have space for. They are stacked 2 deep [stacked one on top of the other] all the way to the end of the area.

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