How to Feed a Large Crowd This Thanksgiving on a Budget


  I’m hosting Thanksgiving Dinner for the first time this year, so I’m excited to be sharing my tips for keeping it within my budget over on Be sure to check it out and comment to let Sarah know that you stopped by from my site. Here is an excerpt of the article:


“Since we recently moved into our newly remodeled house and have a lot more room than we used too, I’ve been nominated to host Thanksgiving Dinner this year. I’m pretty excited about it, but also a little nervous since I’ve never been in charge of such a big meal. One thing I am confident about is that I can do it all on a small budget.


If you’ve ever been to my blog, then you know I love to create easy and delicious recipes that are also inexpensive. So if you find yourself hosting a big holiday dinner this year, but you don’t want to break the bank, then keep reading for my top tips on how to feed a large crowd this Thanksgiving on a budget….”




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  1. I host Christmas dinner for my family. My favorite time and effort saver is the crock pot. I put a whole turkey breast in my crock pot with different fresh herbs and spices.I also put a ham in another crock with pineapple juice and brown sugar.I cook these overnight and since we eat kinda early anyway I just leave them in the crocks on warm. This frees up my oven for other things, takes out the stress of having to cook these the day of, and they are always perfect. Turkey will never be dry and ham is so juicy and flaverful.I do put alot of butter on my turkey which is the same way I would do it in the oven.

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