21 Real Food Items at the Dollar Store

21 Real Food Items at the Dollar Store on gracefullittlehoneybee.com

Did you know that you can buy things like nuts, dried fruit and green tea at the dollar store? Check out this list to see what other real foods you can find!


The dollar store is probably the last place you would think to look for real food, but I recently took a trip to see what they had to offer and I was honestly surprised. Hidden in-between the rows of sugary processed foods were a few staple items that you might be interested to know about.


Before I get to the list, I want to say not everything from the dollar store is a good deal. A few of these items are actually cheaper elsewhere so always check the size and quantity to make sure you’re paying a good price.


21 Real Food Items at the Dollar Store



Dried Fruit


Bottled Water (6-pack)

100% Fruit Juice Boxes (6-pack)

Frozen Fruit & Vegetables


Tea Bags (black, green & herbal)



Seasonings (dried herbs, salt, pepper, garlic powder, etc.)


Canned Tuna

Chicken and Beef Broth

Jarred Specialty Items (olives, garlic, peppers, etc.)

Flour – 2 lb

Cornmeal – 2 lb

Sugar – 1 lb

Canned Veggies

Dried Beans (black, pinto, cranberry)

Brown or White Long Grain Rice


Obviously, you shouldn’t be basing your entire diet around the dollar store, but if you’re in a pinch or don’t have any other stores available to you then it’s good to know they have some options!


Do you buy any of your food items from the dollar store? I’d love to know!


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  1. I go on line and order in cases to keep my pantry well stocked. It is shipped directly to my local Dollar Tree. I pick up when they call me. You can also buy things in 4 packs/6 packs. I find the spices are always fresh from my local dollar tree but not fresh from Aldi's. I use Aldi's too however many of their products are only good for a few days. Especially their fruit, produce and breads. After too much spoiled fruit and produce now I only buy what I know can be eaten with-in 3 days. I get my fruit and produce from another store. Farmer's markets when in season I find much cheaper then the stores in my area. And many of the people will deal with you when they have an abundance of produce or for end of season produce you normally can! I save a bundle that way! Best way to keep spices fresh when you buy in bulk is to water bath can them! I use the smallest jars and 15 mins. They stay fresh for up to 3 years that I know of so far! I also freeze all my cornmeal, flour,stuffing mixes, coating mixes and any other mixtures for a month and then always store in glass with metal lids. Lesson learned..the little black bugs can bore their way right threw plastic lids! Metal lids only now! Good luck with my Tupperware for many years as well for everything I know I will use up within a a few months. My 1960's tupperware is still in use and still keeping bugs out! Well worth every penny!

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