DIY Dollar Tree Fairy Garden

Learn how to make this easy DIY Dollar Tree Fairy Garden on

Learn how to make this easy DIY Dollar Tree Fairy Garden on


  Spring break was last week and we had some really gorgeous weather, so I decided it would be a great time to help my kids make a DIY Dollar Tree Fairy Garden. I really didn’t know what we would find, but we loaded up and headed out to search for some treasures.


  I thought the Dollar Tree carried a line of fairy garden supplies, but I wasn’t exactly sure, so I was thrilled to find all kinds of options. There were several houses and accessories to get us started. Then we had to use our creativity to figure out the rest.

  I’m pleased with how it turned out and I wanted to share a quick and easy tutorial with you guys in case it might inspire you to build a fairy garden of your own.


  I spent a total of $7.50 on supplies, but if you have your own rocks, moss, sticks, dirt, empty containers or other fairy like items, then you could definitely spend less. Things like empty ceramic pots, metal tubs or wooden barrels would make great whimsical containers for a fairy garden. The options are limitless, but we went with a simple plastic shallow tub so that the kids could carry it around and not break it. Enjoy this fun project idea!

How to Make a DIY Dollar Tree Fairy Garden


Step 1: Take a look around your house and yard to see if what materials you already have on hand that you can use for FREE. Things like empty ceramic pots, old metal tubs or small wooden barrels would make great containers. Also, you can use things like dirt, rocks, sticks, pine cones, moss, etc. to fill and decorate your fairy garden. Take note of what you already have that you do not need to purchase.


Step 2: Head to Dollar Tree and check out the gardening section for the Fairy Garden supplies. My Dollar Tree had several different houses and accessories to choose from. I also purchased a garden stone to decorate our fairy garden.


Step 3: Next, check out the craft supply section for things like moss, stones, succulents, etc. that can be used to fill your fairy garden.


Step 4: If you don’t already have a good container for your garden, then check out the garden supplies for a pot or the organizing section for a small, flat plastic container like we used.


Step 5: Purchase your items and head home.


Step 6: Fill your container with dirt and place fairy house in desired location.


Step 7: Create a stone path coming away from the house and add any other decor that you have. Small potted fake succulents make great “trees” and I also purchased a bag a moss “stones” that make cute looking bushes. Use your imagination and have fun with this project.



 We also made a dinosaur garden for my son who thought a fairy garden was too girly for him. We purchased the supplies for it at Dollar Tree as well and I think it turned out pretty cute. Happy crafting friends!



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