DIY Farmhouse Style Rag Wreath Tutorial + Video

White rag wreath on a wooden background.

See how easy it is to make a DIY Farmhouse Style Rag Wreath in this quick and easy step-by-step tutorial!

White farmhouse rag wreath on a wooden plank background.

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Farmhouse Style Rag Wreath

Handmade wreaths are an inexpensive way to change your decor up throughout the seasons and keep things looking fresh. They’re also a great way to add a personal touch to your home because no two are going to be the same.

I love this farmhouse rag wreath project because it’s simple and creates a beautiful and full shabby looking wreath. Plus, you can keep this project frugal by reusing old sheets or any fabric that you like.

Keep in mind that you want the fabric to be a medium weight so that the wreath holds it’s shape and doesn’t have a droopy look to it. I used regular quilting fabric. Feel free to change things up and use multiple fabrics or patterns if you would like.

My white rag wreath is currently hanging on the wall in my daughter’s room and the dark gray wreath that I’m making in the video below was a gift for my sister that she has hanging in her living room.

The possibilities are endless with these easy farmhouse style rag wreaths. I’ve seen people make them for St. Patrick’s day, Christmas, Valentine’s Easter, Sports Events, etc.

You’re definitely going to want to make one for yourself or to give as a gift. Enjoy the tutorial friends, and be sure to let me know what kind of wreath you are making in the comment section below. Happy Crafting!

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How to Make a Farmhouse Style Rag Wreath:

18″ wire wreath frame (you can choose any size that you prefer)
Cotton weight fabric
(I used 2-3 yds for a medium size frame, I don’t have exact measurements for each wreath size.)
Scissors (or Rotary Cutter and Rotary Mat)

Step 1: Cut fabric into roughly 1.5″ X 9″ strips. Measurements do not need to be exact. You can make your strips smaller or larger depending on your taste.


Step 2: Take one piece of fabric and fold in half placing under the wire.


Step 3: Pull ends through loop and tighten to create a knot.


Step 4: Repeat steps 2 & 3 until wreath is full.


Learn how to make this easy rag wreath using strips of fabric.

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      1. I made it with red burlap. Turned out beautiful, but it was MESSY!! I'm making 3 more for family members without burlap though!
  1. Many moons ago, we made these wreaths out of heave plastic white, clear, or green trash bags cut. These could be used outside. I like the material idea though.
  2. Hi, I've been making a Christmas themed one, which I cannot do for long periods as I have issues with dexterity, but hey, I have read your tutorial and I never thought to tying the strips on the way you have, it will make all the difference to me. This is fantastic, love your wreath, by the way, it's lovely. xxx
  3. You could tie a strip across the middle and put a red nose and a few white strips for a mustache and also have a short strip across the top to make bangs and add a Santa hat and you would have a santa wreath
  4. Thanks for the great tutorial! I've been wanting to learn how to make these and had no idea that it was so straightforward! I have lots of ideas for some great wreaths!
  5. Your wreath is beautiful. This is the best tutorial I have seen. I have made rag wreaths before but I knotted the pieces. The way you have done it makes it look much neater. I am certainly going to have a go.
  6. I think it's important to mention that the fabric should be cut on the bias to prevent fraying. If you don't mind the frayed look, then just cut across fabric.
  7. thanks---- for showing me that--- i have my fabric an wire, so i am readdy to go!! I been making wreaths for many years, I have given many for gifts an sold some at fairs--- looking forward to trying this--- thanks again sue
  8. I did make a rag wreath many years ago. Our Sunday school "adopted" a wing at a nursing home. A friend of mine decided that we needed to make a wreath for each room. She bought fabric, straw wreaths. She set the date and told everyone to bring a covered dish and a Philips head screw driver. We prayed for the recipients, our food and fellowship. We ate and were divided into fabric cutters and fabric appliers. I had a great time twisting the fabric on the end of the screwdriver and shoved it int the wreath! I have no idea how long to cut the fabric. I'm hoping it will come to me like the great memory just did! Sorry! I didn't mean to write a novel to a simple question!
  9. How do you control the fraying? Would it help to spray with starch or adhesive? My wreath is finished but I still keep pulling strings.
    1. I guess it depends on the fabric, but I have not had problems with fraying, of course most fabrics will fray some and I think that is part of the appeal of the shabby chic look.
  10. Love this! Great simple and to the point instructions! Definitely going to make one(or more) as holiday gifts! Thank you!
  11. Just learning. Thanks for simple explanation. Can’t wait to see more what you do. Always looking for ideas. Thank you

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