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Kids will love getting their hands dirty while making this handprint tree!


Fall is my favorite season. I love the crispness in the air after the long hot summer months. I love the beauty of the changing leaves. It just makes me feel so peaceful. Anyway, in celebration of my favorite time of year I’m excited to share a simple fall kids craft with you today!


Walker is getting old enough to participate more in craft projects which makes this artsy mama very happy. So today I pulled out the paints and we made this handprint tree. Let me tell you he loved getting his hands dirty and he was so good about spreading his fingers out wide and letting me press to make a print. While the finished tree shown here is neat and pretty he ended up with his own abstract version of the project. šŸ™‚


So are you ready to get crafting? Let’s get started!


Handprint Dot Tree

colored paper

acrylic paint

paint brush

dot paint markers (see below)

a child’s hand


Here are the dot markers that we used. I found a set of four for $5. Walker absolutely loves it when I get these out, but I do have to remind him to be gentle otherwise he will go crazy and tear the paper up.





Step 1: Paint child’s hand with brown paint (be forewarned it will tickle!)

Step 2: Tell child to spread fingers out flat and press child’s hand in the middle of the paper. (If the print doesn’t look right you can always go back and touch it up with a paintbrush.)

Step 3: Paint in tree trunk with brown paint.

Your project should now look like this:




Step 4: Have child use dot markers in a circle around the handprint to make it look like the tree’s leaves. You can also dot along the bottom to make it look like the leaves are falling to the ground.




Voila you are done! How easy was that? And isn’t it so adorable!?! We also made another handprint tree using apple stamping.



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  1. The handprint tree is so cute :) Dot markers are a lot of fun to play with, I like them myself :) It is also a cute craft to use an ink pad and make the leaves with fingerprints...

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