Dollar Store Organization

 If you read yesterday’s post on our clutter free bedroom, then you know I’m on a simplifying & organizing kick. Today I’m going to show you how I tackled some unorganized areas of my home using dollar store organizers.
This cabinet is in our kitchen and it holds our medicine, cookbooks, dog stuff, etc. Obviously it needs a little help.
Here it is newly organized!
I simplified my cookbook collection and bought two baskets from the dollar store which now hold medicine and dog stuff. It looks so much better now.
Here’s another kitchen cabinet that needed a little help.
 And here it is after! The top basket holds canning supplies and the bottom one holds bottles and sippy cups. 
OK here is the most embarrassing one of all. My craft closet. It was seriously just a black hole of “stuff” before. Sadly there are two shelves above this that look just as bad. 
 And here is it after!! I am so proud of it! I bought all of the purple baskets from the dollar store.
Ahh crafty bliss!
 It feels so good to be organized. I’ve also purged around 50% or more of our “decor” because I felt a lot of it was just clutter. I only kept what I really and truly loved. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my OCD post! 
What do you do to control clutter in your home?
Do you have any organizing projects you need to tackle?

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  1. Great job at the organization projects! Those baskets were a terrific find! My craft area tends to be a "black 'hole' of stuff" as well. haha. You've given me some good ideas for getting it in shape. Thanks for sharing! :)
    [email protected]
  2. With every new season, comes some purging! I don't have a lot of room, and I don't like clutter, so I do regular thrift store runs. I usually bring a little something home though......
  3. I love what you have done with getting organized. I too need to do more of it. I am trying but live with a pack rat. I finally decided to take Fly Ladies tip and deal with my own stuff and let him deal with his. Funny as soon as I decided to do that not only could I see where I was the problem, and started purging my stuff while leaving his totally alone, but when I started doing that he all of a sudden seemed to see his clutter better and now is working on it. Slowly, but at least it is a bit better. And when mine is totally under control,then and only then will I start helping him with his. Such a good way to go about things.

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