My Top 5 Money Making Apps

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Back in January I wrote a post on how I use Swagbucks to earn $50+ per month in gift cards. Since then I’ve started doing several other things to bring in extra money each month and a lot of what I do is on my smartphone. I know there are several money earning apps available, but I today I’m sharing with you the ones that I use on a daily/weekly basis.
SBTV (Swagbucks TV) 
This app allows you to earn Swagbucks by watching videos on your phone. You earn 2 SBs for every 5 videos that you watch and you can earn up to 50 SBs per day. I usually plug my phone in and let it run throughout the day or if I have the time I will sit and click through the videos (after 5 sec. has played) to make it go faster.
To sign up for Swagbucks click here.
 This is another Swagbucks app that lets you earn by watching videos. You earn 2 SBs for every 10 videos that you watch and you can earn up to 120 (I think) SBs per day. Also I’ve heard Swagbucks has another video app called MovieClips (or something) that you can earn even more with, but I haven’t downloaded it yet. 
To sign up for Swagbucks click here.
If don’t use Bing then you should start right now! Basically it’s a search engine that is just as good as Google (I promise!) where you can earn points for searches. You can later redeem those points for gift cards. You earn 1 pt for every 2 searches up to 25 per day on the computer and up to 10 per day on your mobile phone. I earn around $10 per month in gift cards just for searching the Internet! Wahoo! 
To sign up for Bing Rewards click here.
If you’re a couponer then I’m sure you’ve heard of Ibotta. Basically it’s a rebate app that I use weekly to earn money on my grocery purchases. All you do is unlock the rebates you want to redeem (I almost always have a milk rebate) and then scan the product and receipt then wait for approval. Once you earn $5 you can make a Pay Pal transfer. That reminds me I need to go enter the baby food I just bought at Target… 
Also, you earn money for referring friends and you can earn weekly cash bonuses! 
To sign up for Ibotta and be on my team click here.
Checkout 51
Checkout 51 is another grocery rebate app, but it’s not store specific which I love since I shop at Aldi a lot. Plus, they have more generic rebates such as bread, eggs and bananas. Once you earn $20 they will send you a check. 
To sign up for Checkout 51 click here.
As I stated earlier, there are tons of other money making apps out there, but these are the ones that I use most often and love. So are you ready to put your Smartphone to work? Go ahead and give them a try!
Do you use your smartphone to earn extra money? 
If so, which apps are your favorites? 
I’d love to know!
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    1. Hey Megan! I love Swagbucks! I would suggest reading my "10 Easy Ways to Earn with Swagbucks" post as it goes into detail on how to easily earn and meet your goals each day. :)
  1. I didn't know I could click out of the videos on swagbucks tv. Thanks for that tip. Another app I use is Savings Star. You load store reward cards and then click on the coupons and are rewarded when you buy those items. I just click on all the coupons and then occasionally I get a little surprise email stating I earned some money! You can cash out after every $5.
  2. I would add a caution to using swag bucks... Or two. One a junk mail email... You will get a TON of junk mail after signing up for them. And it takes many many many many many surveys, videos etc to get any gift cards. I don't have that kind of time on my hands.
    1. Danielle,

      Thanks for stopping by! I've never gotten junk email from Swag bucks? I think you can turn that off in your e-mail preferences. Also, I actually don't take any surveys and I make around $40+ in gift cards monthly just by meeting my daily goals. I usually just keep the videos running on my phone while it's charging so it doesn't take up much of my time. I hope this helps! I love Swag bucks as it's been a consistent stream of income for my family. Have a nice day!


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