Imperfect Foods Grocery Delivery – My Honest Review

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Groceries coming out of a box.

There are tons of subscription boxes and services out there and to be honest a lot of them seem a little frivolous to my practical nature, but then I learned about Imperfect Foods.

I’ve been ordering from Imperfect Foods off and on for a few months now which is why I wanted to share my honest review with you guys. I’ve ordered and tried a variety of products and feel like I can give any one interested in ordering some good feedback.

Below I will list some common questions about the service and my personal pros and cons list from using Imperfect Foods.

What is Imperfect Foods?

Well, they are a weekly grocery subscription box service who sources food that has been deemed not good enough for the regular grocery store.

I’m sure you’re aware that our modern society wastes tons and tons of food each year and Imperfect Foods is committed to saving as much food as they can from going to the landfill.

What makes food imperfect?

Foods that qualify as imperfect and therefore not good enough for grocery shelves may have one or more of the following issues:

  • Cosmetic (i.e. produce that isn’t the standard size, shape or color)
  • Surplus/Excess Inventory (too much product for the current market)
  • Packaging Change
  • Short-Coded (expiration date is within the next few months)
  • Undervalued (i.e. Grocery stores only buying the broccoli crown when the rest of the plant is edible)
  • Off-spec (i.e. doesn’t meet the standards of the grocery buyer)

Can I customize my box?

Yes! One of the things that I absolutely love about Imperfect Foods is that you have COMPLETE control over what comes in your box each week.

Can I skip a weekly box delivery?

Yes! You can skip as many weeks as you want which is a great feature of this subscription service.

How much does it cost?

There is a $30 minimum + $5.99 shipping, but if your order is over $60 you can get free shipping (for a limited time).

Groceries laid out on a granite counter.

Pros of Imperfect Foods:

  • You’re saving food from going to waste.
  • Groceries are delivered straight to your front door.
  • Boxes are fully customizable.
  • You can skip weekly deliveries.
  • A lot of the prices are budget-friendly (not all).
  • Imperfect Foods is committed to sourcing high quality, sustainable products.
  • Good customer service (My first two boxes were missing items and I was quickly credited, plus given a bonus credit for my trouble).

Cons of Imperfect Foods:

  • Some produce doesn’t seem to last as long as store-bought.
  • I’m not a fan of the refrigerated and pantry items all in one box. I’ve had some items (boxed pasta, chocolate bars, etc.) get wet and slightly damaged from the moisture of the ice pack.
  • Some items (mostly meats and prepacked convenience foods) seem high priced. I know these are high quality products, but since I am a frugal living website, this could be a con for budget minded people such as myself.

Well, there you have it. I’ve really enjoyed using Imperfect Foods as a supplement to my regular grocery store and plan to use them off and on in the future. If you would like to sign up for your first box using my link, you will get $10 off!

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