5 Frugal Steps to Greener Living

Being green doesn't mean spending tons of money. Follow these 5 frugal steps to green living today!

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Being green doesn't mean spending tons of money. Follow these 5 frugal steps to green living today!


In our ever-growing world, it is so important to make environmentally responsible choices, not only for ourselves, but for future generations. I try to do as many creative things as I can to decrease my environmental impact without breaking the bank.


Being green doesn’t mean spending a lot of money, in fact it will save you money in a lot of ways.  Today I’m going to share with you 5 Frugal Steps to Greener Living that absolutely anyone can do right now. Becoming more environmentally responsible is all about making better choices and I encourage you think about what positive choice you could make today!


Buy in Bulk

Choosing to buy common pantry staples such as flour, in bulk not only saves you money, but also reduces the amount of packaging and trash that you produce. Be sure to only buy things in bulk that you will actually use before they expire.



Leaving appliances and electronics plugged in while not in use is costing you and the environment. If left plugged in, these energy vampires are continuously sucking power and your hard-earned money out the window! I must admit this is an area that I need to improve upon.


Give Old Items New Life

Re-purposing is the art of turning old items into new ones such as making throw pillows from a t-shirt or using egg cartons to start seeds. The sky and your creativity are the limit with this one and just think of all the items you will be saving from the landfill.


Reduce Food Waste
I’ve heard that the average American wastes 25% of food. That is so sickening to me when people are going hungry all over the world. We need to be more responsible with what we are buying and making sure that we use it up before it goes bad. At the very least try composting your food waste instead of throwing it away.


Choose Eco-friendly Products

Each time we make a purchase we are voting with our dollars. The more we buy eco-friendly products the more companies will take note. One such eco-friendly product is Energizer’s new EcoAdvanced Batteries from Wal-Mart. They are the first battery on the market that uses recycled materials. How cool is that? They are also Energizer’s longest lasting alkaline ever so you can be confident that purchasing them is a responsible choose that will also save you money. These innovative new batteries are currently available in both AA and AAA and can be found in the photo department of your local Wal-Mart.






As a mom, I’m always going through batteries and it’s good to know that when I purchase Energizer’s EcoAdvanced Batteries I am making a difference.




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What are some simple and frugal steps that you are taking to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle? I’d love to know!


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  1. We use milk jugs, cleaned well, to create little greenhouses to start our tomatoes for the garden. It works great and we're reusing an item. The only thing I unplug is the toaster. My husband gets mad when I unplug the coffee maker. lol (visiting from the Titus 2 Tuesday link-up)
  2. Batteries are such a huge cost no matter which ones you purchase, and they must be discarded responsibly. We always purchase a product that can be recharged whenever possible. That way we save money over time and help the environment at the same time. - Margy
  3. Great tips!! We have been using reusable bags for shopping, and reusable water bottles! We go through so many batteries in our house, and we're trying to change over to these new Energizer batteries! Such a great product! #client
  4. The one that stands out on that list to me is reducing food waste. We can all easily make strides to be better at that. The greenest way that a family can save money over the long term is to get solar panels installed on their homes. There are many lenders that can reduce the upfront cost to next to nothing. Payback on systems are typically about 7 years. After that - free energy. You can save thousands over the long term.

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