7 Steps to a Slow and Simple Christmas

Feeling holiday overwhelm? Try these 7 Steps to a Slow and Simple Christmas for a stress free holiday on gracefullittlehoneybee.com

  Christmas is such a wonderful time of year and yet it also seems to be filled with so much fluff, materialism and just plan busyness. Is this what you want for you family this year? Why not intentionally slow down and savor more of what’s important and get rid of the things that aren’t so important. Check out my list of 7 Steps to a Slow and Simple Christmas below for some ideas and be sure to add your own ideas in the comment section. Enjoy!


Commit Only to What’s Important

  There are so many fun parties and activities going on around the holidays that it can be tempting to try to do it all, but is that what’s best? More doesn’t always equal better, especially if more equals a stressed out mom. Sit down with a calendar and pick a few of the most important events to your family, then say no to the rest. There is freedom and peace in saying no to all the busyness in our lives, especially around the holidays. Try it and see how it makes you feel.


Stay Home and Be With Family

  With all of the busyness this time of year, it’s easy to have activities planned for almost every night and never actually be home with your family. I don’t know about you, but some of my most cherished Christmas memories are when I was at home with my family. Be intentional this holiday season to be at home with your family and spend time cherishing the season together.


Cherish Simple Activities

  Trimming the Christmas tree, building a snowman, watching a Christmas movie, baking cookies, drinking hot chocolate, these are what my Christmas memories are filled with and are the kinds of memories I want to pass on to my children. Instead of hustling and bustling, trying to find the “perfect” holiday, take some time to do simple activities with your family. Check out my list of 25 Christmas Activities for Kids if you need some ideas.


Take Advantage of Convenience

  I preach a lot around here about cooking from scratch and if that helps you to slow down and appreciate the season then go for it, but if the idea makes you break out in hives, then buy convenience and move on. Do whatever helps you to slow down and de-stress. For some of us and in some seasons of life that means baking homemade pies and cookies for the whole neighborhood, but for the rest it may mean picking up store-bought and simply enjoying being with family and friends. Do what works for you.


Choose Simple Gifts in Few Numbers

  People mostly have everything they need, so why add to the piles of stuff with more and more stuff? Try to think simple when it comes to gifts. Buy everyone gift cards or keep the presents simple in other ways like making gifts or baking cookies. Also, order your gifts online as much as possible to make your life easier. Why fight the crowds when you can pick something up for everyone on your list in your pjs in front of the fire?


Use What You Have

 Try not to add to all of the holiday clutter by buying more holiday clutter. I bet you have more than enough ornaments, decorations and wrapping paper. Use what you have and be content. I think that’s a powerful lesson that we all could learn in our ultra consumeristic culture.


Schedule Downtime to Decompress

  The holidays are fun and exciting, but they can also be draining and stressful. For this reason, consider scheduling a day or a time of down time with no activities or responsibilities. This will help you to decompress and be able to cherish all of the holiday memories that are sure to come.


What would you add to the list?


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  1. This year, we're planning on having a quiet Christmas just as your blog suggests. We're even reducing the amount of presents and, instead, donating some money to a women's shelter. The kids have enough toys.

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