No Shampoo: Week 2

How I went 7 Weeks Without Shampoo

Tomorrow marks two weeks on my no shampoo journey. If you missed week one you can read about it here. This week has been much more challenging than week one. I’ve been doing the BS/ACV routine every other day and I’m definitely still in the transition phase. Here are pictures of what my hair looks like now:


Although my hair looks clean and normal it definitely feels different. My roots are more oily when touched (at least to me) and they feel heavier than freshly shampooed hair. (I’m starting to want that feeling again!!) Also, my scalp is itchier and my hair seems to tangle more. The majority of my hair seems to feel the same though so that’s good. I’m going to try to go three days this week between washing in hopes of speeding up the transition phase. I hope it comes quickly. I’m not sure how long I’m willing to commit to this without results. Especially since I’ve heard mixed opinions about this method. It ain’t for the faint of heart!

Do you have any tips on getting through the transition phase? 

Do you think your hair feels cleaner and healthier now that your on the other side? (If you are) 

I need some encouragement!!


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  1. I have done the baking soda before, and i like it, but getting through that initial phase is difficult. For me, I deciding pulling my hair back would be the best thing. It also worked because I have a little one who likes to pull hair :-) I also stopped drying my hair, because of that heavy feeling I got when I washed it. And brushing well before washing helped with the tangles, as well as the apple cider vinegar rinse. As for the itchy scalp, have you tried decreasing the amount of baking soda you use?
  2. I have a dear friend who is about at the same stage as you in going through the No Poo routine. I am a soap maker and I transitioned to using one of my shampoo bars to wash my hair several years ago, it is a transition as well as the soap has its gylcerin left in and does not strip the head of oils requiring it to produce more and more.. I have tried the no poo.. but am faint at heart. LOL. If you aren't able to make this transition (I am not trying to discourage you), message me and I will be glad to give you my shampoo bar recipe, or if you do not want to make soap, I do sell it.
  3. Heather - I haven't tried decreasing the BS (ha that sounds funny). I'm hesitant to do that because I fear it will make my hair even greasier. I've heard adding a drop of tea tree oil to the wash helps so I think I'll try that next time. It's only mildly itchy at this point, not too bad.

    Lynnie - Thanks! I've already decided that if this doesn't work I want to find something more natural to use. I will keep that in mind!

    MamaHen - Thank you! :)
  4. Missy, I considered doing this with you but then I wondered...what about homemade soap or shampoo bars? I make both with our goat milk and I know all the ingredients. As long as it is all natural, perhaps this would be an easier route to go. Just wondering...
  5. I, too, have just started the no 'poo journey just this past Tuesday. But I've only skipped one day of not washing my hair. I'm just not ready to try the every other day method yet! At first I noticed that my ends were really dry, so one day instead of using the ACV, I mixed up 3 egg yolks, a dash of ACV, honey and a very small dash of canola oil (I was out of olive oil!) I put this on my ends only, let it rest for a few minutes and rinsed with COOL water. It helped quite a bit. Yesterday was the first day that I really liked the way my hair looked and felt. Today it is SUPER SHINY!! Keep going, you can do it!
  6. I'm trying this right now too! Just started my second week as well. Im using the ACV "recipe" from:
    The aloe vera gel (food grade) and honey in her recipe have actually stopped my itching. Maybe it'll help. Good Luck and Hang in There!
  7. I did the "no poo" method a few months ago and found the transition period to be a little rough. I wore my hair up in a pony tail quite often. To be honest, my hair never was the same. I realized after a few weeks that "transition period" really meant just getting used to new/different hair. I ultimately wound up going back to shampoo and conditioner because I never learned to like the new feel of my hair on the no poo method. I have other natural/homemade beauty methods that I still use though ( Can't wait to keep following your journey!
  8. I found your blog via the Homestead Barn HOp linkup. This is really interesting. I'm going to have to read your first post. My hair is really oily, so I wash it every day with a gluten-free shampoo. It's much gentler than regular shampoo, but I"ve heard of people doing what you are doing. I'll have to see if this is something that I want to try. Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather ;)
  9. Hello! You don't know me from Adam, but I found you through the Homestead Revival Barn Hop and thought I'd share what I do and give you a little encouragement!

    My sister and I have been "No-Poo" for a couple years now. I started it because I didn't like all the chemicals in the regular shampoos and I couldn't afford the really good ones. Also, I was hoping it would help my very greasy hair. Right at first, we would just wet a little baking soda in our palm and scrubbed it in. I don't really remember how long the transition was. Didn't seem too awfully bad. But everyone's hair responds differently!

    Somewhere along the way, I found this hint for those living in the country and using well water. (ME!) It really made a difference!! I bring 4 cups of water to a boil and dump in 1/4 cup of baking soda. ( it really fizzes up so make sure your pot is on the large side) Remove from heat and stir briefly to make sure all the baking soda is dissolved. Let cool. I pour this into a couple old shampoo bottles and use it . I think they said that if you let it sit for more then a couple weeks it will separate and is no good. SO make less if you won't use it that fast.

    SO now when I wash my hair, I just squirt the baking soda "shampoo" on to my dry hair/scalp and scrub. Then I rinse with warm water and do a final rinse with ACV water. (I have a BIG plastic cup that I put about 1/4 cup of ACV in the bottom and then fill up with COLD water. About 3 cups maybe?) I don't rinse that out. I really like how fast my hair dries when I wash it this way. And it is so snarl-free!

    I now go 4 days between hair washings. Brushing every day (morning and evening) really seemed to help the dispersion of oil to the ends of my hair.

    Sorry this is sooo long!
    Wishing you the best.
    ~ Faith
  10. Definitely back off the baking soda. I had the itchy scalp thing going too, until I started using a lot less. I use about a TBS per 8 ounce bottle now.

    I found that soaking with the baking soda water, then letting it sit, then message in it in made my hair come out right every time...after I got rid of the shellac feeling of the old hair products.
  11. Okay, this was my problem too. I've tried this method several times but my hair always felt dry, brittle, and snarly, but greasy too. I really wanted it to work, like you, I was looking for something easier to maintain. I'll be waiting to see if it gets better, maybe I'll try again.
  12. Hey my name is Tara. I am your newest follower on your blog site would you be so kind & follow me back it would mean so much to me. Thanks :) Feel free to Like or Follow me on my facebook fan page & my Twitter!!!
  13. I started "No-Poo" 4 months ago. I have had good success with dissolving 1/4 Cup BS into 1 Qt water, letting it cool and putting it in a squeeze bottle. I get my hair wet with warm water, then apply the BS solution to the roots only. In the beginning I used too much BS and put it all over my hair which dried the ends out like crazy. Aloe is sure to help your scalp issues. Also I do not apply the ACV to the roots, just the rest of the hair, because of the heavier feel you describe. I like the ACV rinse recipe from
  14. Thanks Karen! I only apply the ACV to the length of my hair too. I'm still just using 1 tbsp BS and 1 c water. I don't know if I should use more or less or just wait it out.
  15. Hi!

    Go to this website:

    there is many people sharing their experiences with no poo method.

    I've been doing it for about a month now and I can't complain. I have almost no transition period. I wash my hair every 3 days from the begining.
    My hair is much shorter, though. From what I've heard many people with long and thick hair had to drop this method because it didn't work well while people with short or arm-lenght hair were very happy with it (just like me). Now I only need to switch the vinegar to lemon/lime juice because my husband can't stand the smell of the vinegar.

    I wish you the best and be patient. Your hair looks beautiful, anyway! :)
  16. I've heard of the no poo method and am just sooo hesitant to try! I have naturally very, very curly, frizzy hair, and I usually cannot even get a brush through it without the help of conditioner! However, I am on a quest to have healthier hair, so I may have to dedicate a month to this just to see how it goes. Love seeing your progress though!
  17. The only way I can get through the initial phase without the heavy itchy feeling on my scalp is to use a T of borax with my baking soda mixture once a week, gradually tapering down. It breaks up the dead skin on your scalp, and kills any yeasty-beasties that may be hanging around. Also, if you are feeling too oil, use less ACV, and try to focus on the ends only, not the roots. It also helps to rinse the hair afterwards in pure, clean mineral water (or distilled water with trace minerals added back). This helps so much if your water is full of chlorine or other nasty chemicals.
  18. Hi there! I'm new to your blog coming from
    I've been using a mild recipe instead of no poo. I was afraid to commit right away lol! I use 1/2 cup liquid Castile soap, 1/2 cup distiller water and 1/4 teaspoon of olive oil. Only on day 4 but already feeling the effects. My naturally thick, wavy/curly hair is feeling a little dry. Mostly at the ends. The rest of my hair feels great, soft and shiny. I did not use the ACV rinse yet, only because I forgot. I've ordered some organic cooconut oil to use as a conditioner. I wish you lots of luck in your adventure!! Check out my blog some time and see my follow up to my 'poo routine.
  19. I did it for 6 weeks, the bs/acv, and I must say that I finally gave up. I never got past the hair feeling heavy and oily phase. So I use organic shampoo and conditioner now.
  20. your hair looks AMAZING!!!! I am almost out of my traditional s/c so I am going to attempt this method soon ( I already wash my face with oil and love it!). anxious to see what the next week brings :)
  21. I've been doing it for a couple of months now, and I will admit once my hair is dry it is pretty cool. I don't do soda/vinegar, I simply rinse it every other day. Seems like such an odd thing to get into the shower and do little more then stand there..

    I generally "wash" three times, the first gets everything wet. I step forward in the shower so the water isn't running on me, and take care of the rest of me, then go back and 'scrub' as the water rinses over it, then back out while I "scrub" my body, then back in for a final rinse. This seems to do a good job of distributing the oils not only in my hair but over my skin as well - which is pretty cool in the fact that this being the dead of winter I don't need moisturizers..

    Now granted when I get out of the shower my hair does NOT feel freshly shampooed. It feels heavy and almost stiff. but once it dries it is soft and very manageble. I haven't had static yet.

    You might want to try rinsing more often..
  22. I've heard that even when you're through the transition phase, your hair still doesn't feel squeaky clean like it used to right after a shampoo. I think for it to feel normal it takes years. I've just been keeping my hair in french braids, to keep my crazy hair mess tucked away and stay as comfortable as I can until the storm passes!

    Also, something important to note is that once you're through the transition phase, a shampoo every now and then (maybe once per month at the most) will not ruin your progress or put you back to square one. So you can have that clean feeling occasionally.

    PS: I never did the BS/ACV thing, I just dry shampooed my hair for a long time and used a boar bristle brush.
  23. So I'm just in my first days of no poo and I've just realized there's a problem that might hinder my no poo ambition! I am in the Air Force (cadets) and tend to use a considerable amount of gel on my hair to meet dress standards. This is usually once a week, some weeks it'll be a weekend as well and in holidays up to two weeks of constant gel.

    Usually I'm using so much gel I have to use a handful of shampoo to get the gel and hairspray out properly. My hair is a helmet basically is a helmet of hair and gel and hairspray.

    Do you have any suggestions of alternatives to use that will still give me no fly always?

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