Featured Reader Monday

This week’s featured reader is Tiffany from Healthy-N-Balanced!
If you could describe yourself in five words, what would they be?
Imperfect, real, loves to laugh
What do you blog about and why?
In April, 2011 I was set to have gallbladder surgery to have my gallbladder removed due to some serious nausea and tummy issues I’ve had since I was a teenager. However, my very discerning husband felt we should postpone it to try a more holistic option. We were a little unsure because it is so hard to find a good natural/holistic doctor that isn’t wrapped up in beliefs with which I don’t agree. However, in May 2011 God opened up the doors for me to go to a Christian holistic doctor. Through healthy eating, exercise, and vitamins-I am allllllllll better. 🙂 Since then I have been on a journey to spread the word that living a healthy lifestyle is essential and that is anything but impossible. I don’t just blog about food and exercise, but also about spiritual health, relational health, and financial health. 
I hope to challenge others to live healthy lives…to think about what we are eating to fuel our bodies…to take a little walk instead of turning the TV on…to take a minute to thank God for the day and read His word. We need to simplify our lives. Get rid of the relationships, circumstances, food, etc that are not healthy. Live today as if it is our last. Laugh, Laugh, And Laugh some more! Serve God and love love those around us.  When we do that, we will start to find a little more balance in our lives and a lot more joy and peace.
What are your hobbies outside of blog world?
I wish I could say that I sew cloth diapers and make my own butter…but alas I’m just not skilled like that. 😉 I love to play and laugh with my little 2 month old, teach and preach to kids, youth, and adults, and hang out with at my parents and chase the chickens around work on their little farm.
Show us your favorite family recipe:
Applesauce Bread
Show us three of your favorite or most popular posts:
DIY Quick and Natural Sinus Relief
Healthified Chocolate No Bake Cookies
How to Healthify Your Favorite Dish
What an awesome testimony Tiffany! Thanks for sharing with us!
Stay tuned next Monday to meet another lovely reader. 

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