Air Dried Apple Rings

I’ve been trying out all kinds of preserving methods since we have an apple tree now. These dried apple rings were pretty simple you just need a little space to let them dry. I like how the peel looks, but I think I will leave them off next time as I don’t really like the texture of them. Also, I’ve heard of people using cinnamon on dried apples for a different flavor. 
You will need: 
Salt Water
Rods or string to hang apples
1. Core apples.
2. Slice 1/4″ thick.
(Remove any bad spots.)
3. Submerge apple rings in salt water.
(This keeps them from discoloring.)
4. Hang apples in a warm, dry place. 
They should be ready in 3-5 days.
5. When apples are dried place in 175 degree oven for 15 minutes OR in a deep freeze for 2 days. This should kill any bacteria and/or insect eggs on the fruit. 
6. Store in airtight container. They should keep for months.
*Note: If any condensation appears around the apples they are not dried and should be eaten or left to dry more.
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  1. Wow! How cool is that?!? I cant wait to try this next year!! We are planning an extreme downsizing of our home and possessions and taking advantage of farmers markets and preserving next year and this will be PERFECT! THANK YOU!!
  2. Thank you for this. i tried drying apple rings before but didn't freeze or oven them and they went squishy and yucky. Looking forward to trying out this way! Mo ♥
  3. These look wonderful. We don't have apple trees (much) here on the Gulf Coast where I live. We have plenty of citrus this time of year - satsumas, kumquats and lemons. I want to try drying apples, so I guess I'll have to buy some. I think they'll also look pretty as a garland at Christmas, and with cinnamon . . . Mmmmm, the smell will be fabulous! Thanks for the idea!

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