25 Old-Fashioned  Recipes

Your Grandma Knew By Heart

Convenience foods are great, but when all you do to prepare dinner day in and day out is open a package, something important is lost.

Food is appreciated more and tastes better when it’s cooked from scratch and made with love. When you touch the dough and smell the yeast it truly feeds the soul.

Homemade Bread

A perfectly toastable slice of heaven. Slather it with butter, jam or honey and you’re all set!

Tomato Sauce   A delicious base for almost any meal!

Elderberry Syrup You’ll wonder why you ever bought used store-bought in the first place!

Pecan Pie You will want to make for your family and friends again and again.

Apple Butter

Super simple to make and tastes delicious. Be sure to click through to see all the old fashioned recipes!

Cooking Tips from  The Great Depression


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