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Old-Fashioned Frugal Tips

Old-fashioned frugal living tips from grandma and the depression era.

 If you want to learn how to save hundreds, then turn back the clock with me and see how past generations lived.

These skills will not only save us money, but also force us to unplug, take a deep breath and appreciate the satisfaction of using our own skills to meet needs instead of just spending more money.

Old-Fashioned Frugal Living Tips

Save Old Containers  for Reuse

Wash out glass bottles to make a flower vase or turn a 2-liter bottle into a bird feeder. The sky is the limit here and remember, any container that you save is money in the bank.

Line Dry Clothes I just started drying my clothes on a clothesline last spring and I have to say that I love it.

Cook from Scratch We are blessed to have an abundance of ready made food at our fingertips, but it definitely comes at a cost to our wallets, the environment and our health.

Bake Your Own Bread Learning to make your own sandwich bread, dinner rolls, tortillas, muffins, donuts, hot dog buns, etc. can really cut down on the cost of your grocery bill.

More Ideas

* Mend Your Clothes: Learning to mend seams, patch holes, or sew on a button will really save you money. * Wear an Apron: Doing so will save you money by protecting the clothes that you’ve already spent your hard earned money on.


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