Rainbow Sprinkle

Hot Chocolate Bomb

Make up a batch of these Rainbow Sprinkle Hot Chocolate Bombs for a fun gift or treat for your family and friends. They are sure to bring joy and smiles to the young or old.


White Chocolate Chips Instant Hot Cocoa Mix Mini Marshmallows Pink & Green melting chocolate  Yummallo Unicorn Mix sprinkles


Melt white chocolate in the microwave. Put a spoonful inside one cup on the mold. Use the back of the spoon to spread it. Repeat until finished.

Allow the chocolate to set  (2 to 3 hrs.) Carefully remove. Add cocoa mix, marshmallows and sprinkles.

Dip edge of empty side into melted chocolate.  Gently place on top of filled side.  Smooth the edges.

Drizzle with melted chocolate & sprinkles. Allow to set.


Place in a mug. Pour hot milk over top. Stir and sip.

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