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How to Stop Eating Out

Want to stop eating out so much?

Today I’m sharing 11 pro tips on how to stop eating out that will save you and your family hundreds of dollars!

So, how do we make sure that we are eating most of our meals at home to reap the benefits? Well, today I’m going to share with you my best tips for how to stop eating out and I hope that they inspire you to get in the kitchen more as a family.

How to Stop  Eating Out

Menu Plan

Creating a list of meals that you want to make for the week is a huge step toward reaching your goal of not eating out. It’s smart to schedule a time each week to do this.

Keep Snacks in the Car or at Work Keeping a stash of nutritious and portable snacks in the car or at work is a great way to avoid last minute drive-thru stops.

Use Convenience Foods I cook mostly from scratch, but I still keep a stash of convenience foods, such as frozen pizza, on hand for the days that I need them  in a hurry.

Do Some Freezer Cooking Taking a few hours a month to prepare home cooked meals for the freezer is a great way to save money and avoid eating out on busy nights.

More Ideas

* Meal Prep: Chop vegetables, boil eggs, cook meat, shred cheese, etc. * Plan for Events: Taking the time to plan ahead will save you a lot of stress and grief throughout the week. * Count the Costs: What is eating out really costing you?


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