how  to

Preserve Pumpkins

 for Décor or Storage

Whether you’re using them for decorating or for storage purposes we all want our pumpkins to last longer which is why I’m sharing this easy tip with you today. Enjoy!


Fill your sink with water and add 1 tbsp dish soap per gallon. Let pumpkins soak 5 minutes to kill any bacteria on the surface.

Gently remove any visible dirt with your hands or a soft scrub brush. Rinse and dry thoroughly.

If using for decor, then you are finished!  If not, then place dry pumpkins on newspaper in a warm area inside your home.

Leave them for 2 weeks periodically checking for moisture. If moist, wipe dry and place a fresh piece of newspaper down.

After 2 weeks your pumpkins are “cured” and can be stored in a dark, cool area. They should last 2-3 months.  Do not store with apples.


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