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How to Have a Frugal Christmas

If you want to spend less this holiday season, while still creating amazing memories, then check out my tips for how to have a frugal Christmas without being a grinch!

Things really do add up quickly at Christmas and if you don’t plan ahead you may find yourself with not enough resources to celebrate in the way that you desire, but it doesn’t have to be that way.


Create a  Christmas Budget

A budget is just a plan for your money. The holidays require extra spending from us, so it’s wise to sit down and plan that spending out. Tell your money where to go instead of it telling you.

Do Secret Santa  to Limit Gifts Most people, have enough toys, clothes and gadgets, so why not pare down on the gift giving and do a secret santa with your extended or even immediate family members?

Stock Up on Food Deals Making the most of the food sales this time of the year ensures that you have what you need for holiday baking and entertaining, while still sticking to your budget.

Shop Discount Stores Dollar and discount stores can be great for scoring deals on gift wrap, Christmas cards, candles, ribbon, candies, Christmas decor, freezer containers and stocking stuffers.

More Ideas

* DIY Everything: You can DIY many different gifts that will save you money. * Focus on Traditions and Memories: Build a snowman, make paper snowflakes, sing Christmas carols, bake cookies, watch a Christmas movie, drive around and look at lights.


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