in 2 Hours

12 Easy Freezer Meals

Check out  this list of 12 easy freezer meals that you can make in under two hours. Also, be sure to download your free printable shopping and recipe lists to get started.

I tried to keep things as simple and frugal as possible. I feel so accomplished knowing I have a freezer full of meals to use over the next few weeks and I know you’re going to love these recipes.

Here’s a picture of everything before I got started. As you can probably tell I bought almost everything from Aldi and used some things (potatoes, peppers and corn) from my garden.

Gather Ingredients

The only pre-cooking required was boiling the noodles. So I put the water on while I was gathering all of my ingredients and labeling my freezer bags.  Chop onions. Put the Chicken Taco Soup and Teriyaki Chicken bags together.

Get Started

Then, I chopped the veggies for the BBQ Chicken & Veggies and made those bags. I drained the noodles and put the Creamy Baked Pasta and Chili Mac Casseroles together.

Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken and Veggies (makes 2 meals) Teriyaki Chicken (2 meals) Chicken Taco Soup (4 meals) Creamy Baked Pasta (2 meals) Chili Mac Casserole (2 meals)

Recipes I Used

Bean and Cheese  Freezer Burritos


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