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Old-Fashioned Money Saving Skills

Are you  looking for ways  to save money  and be more  self-sufficient? 

Check out this list of Old-Fashioned Skills that you should learn today including gardening, bartering and mending.

If we took the time to learn  how to do more for ourselves instead of paying someone else to do it, then we’d have more money and a greater sense of accomplishment that can’t be bought.

Old-Fashioned Money-Saving Skills


You can potentially get hundreds of tomatoes from one $2 packet of seeds, but how many tomatoes will that same $2 get you from the store?

Preserving Food Knowing how to preserve your own food is an amazing money-saving skill to have especially when you grow it yourself.

Foraging Foraging is when you find food that is growing wild like picking berries in the woods or dandelion greens in your backyard.

Bartering For example, I could crochet someone a hat in exchange for a couple of hours of babysitting or I could trade some of my surplus garden produce for piano lessons.

More Ideas

* Mending: Having a basic knowledge of mending and tailoring can save you tons of money. * Cooking from Scratch: It’s amazing how much money we spend on convenience food.


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