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I love it when we sing the doxology at church because it’s so simple and beautiful. It’s also a great reminder that our blessings come from God, the creator of all things and we should praise Him for that. I made up this free Thanksgiving printable that you can download and frame or use however you would like during your upcoming celebrations! I hope you enjoy!


Download Here


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  1. What you typed is so true! I try to encourage everyone to focus on their blessings and to always praise and thank Jesus for them. Great print out. Thanks for sharing. :)
  2. The Doxology is one of my absolute favorite things to sing and recite in church - love this printable! Pinned and sharing on Facebook later this morning, thanks so much for sharing this at our Show and Share Wednesday link party this week!
  3. Love your wonderful ideas and creativity. Your site is great. I like the praise chart , and frugal ideas.

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