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  1. Melody Bold says

    Can I get this in an ebook format so I can print it? I'd like to have all the recipes handy without having to log onto my computer. I'd even pay for it, how's that for incentive? LOL Also wanted to tell you thank you for the no-bake cookie bites you've been posting. They are so yummy and easy enough for my daughter to make on her own.
  2. Genessa says

    Another great item to make at home is spaghetti sauce! I love to make mine in the slow cooker because then I can walk away and do other things while it cooks. It freezes beautifully as well!
  3. Gunn S says

    Found your blog through Pinterest yesterday and enjoyed myself reading the frugal tips from grandma and all those blogposts linked there. But here I only got so far to read number one on the list, I just had to try making cookies since the recipe was so easy. I’m a lazy baker so usually just make bananabread and brownies in the roasting pan so I can make big batches and freeze most. I never understood the «thing» about cookies. It’s just so expencive in the store and I haven’t had any that was that good. But my, so easy and soo good!! And today when I have read the whole list, I just hope I will have the chance to visit the US sometime! So many things that I never have heard of, Sloppy Joes, refried beans and canned bisquits. I think I will enjoy a trip to the supermarket so much! Thanks for a great blog! Have added it to my Bloglovin’ app already. Hope you and your family stays safe in these times.